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Plant of the Week – Jacaranda mimosifolia – Davidson Design Studio

Plant of the Week – Jacaranda mimosifolia

Of course your garden shouldn’t just be about the weeds and the hard work.  What about the plants we love and those that bring joy and wonder to your outdoor spaces?

To balance out the nasties, Davidson Design Studio shares with you our plant favorites and those that provide excellent solutions for your garden.

Plant of the Week – Jacaranda mimosifolia

Author: Amy Davidson

Possibly the most iconic exotic tree in Australia, the Jacaranda is regarded for it’s beautiful and long lasting blue flowers.


Originating from south central South America, the Jacaranda grows to 20 metres tall and is one of the last deciduous plants to lose its leaves each year.  The 5cm long flowers are grouped in 30cm long panicles and appear in late Spring and Summer, lasting up to two months.


The spectacular trees are easy to grow, relatively uniform in their growth habitat and tolerant to minor frosts. Jacaranda’s have been planted extensively around Australia as street trees with Grafton in New South Wales and Applecross in Western Australia hosting Jacaranda festivals in late October/November.

Grafton NSW during the annual Jacaranda Festival (www.harkhark.com.au)

Purple Panic is a term used in Queensland for the stress students feel in late Spring and early Summer during the exam period which coincides with the trees blooming.  In Pretoria, South Africa, legend has it that if a jacaranda flower drops on student’s head, the student will pass all their exams.


The top image is of an 88 year old Jacaranda at the University of Sydney.

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