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Product of the Week – Instant Turf – Davidson Design Studio

Product of the Week – Instant Turf

Another great landscape product, bringing instant life and lush colour to your garden spaces.  Perfect for when you don’t have time to watch the grass grow.

Product of the Week – Instant Turf

Author: Amy Davidson

Instant turf, or sod as it is known across the equator, is used to establish a lawn quickly and avoid soil erosion.

The first origins of instant turf are conflicting; however, Scandinavia certainly has a long history of employing ‘sod roofing’ and a traditional house type is the Icelandic turf house.


Australia is relatively new to the application of instant turf and it is mainly used within the agriculture and landscape industries.  Instant turf is grown on specialist farms and usually harvested 10 – 18 months after planting.

Many prized cultivars of instant turf, such as Sir Walter Buffalo, only reproduce vegetatively, not sexually (via seed).  Turf cultivation is the only means of producing additional plants and this is done through a technique called sprigging.  Recently harvested mats of turf are cut into small pieces (sprigs) and replanted in the field to spread.


The instant turf market has transformed how we complete and deliver constructed landscapes to the end user. Whilst the initial maintenance of instant turf is high, the landscape looks complete and is ready to use in a much shorter timeframe than seed.


Blacksmith John Deere made his fortune when he became the first person to make a plow that could reliably work the plains and cut turf.

A lawn of Matilda Buffalo.

Some climate suitable instant turf cultivars for Melbourne we like working with include Sir Walter Buffalo, Eureka Kikuyu and Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo

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