Black Rock Pre-School

Davidson Design Studio is invested in the local community and was more than happy to lend a hand when a local Pre-School needed some play space improvements.

An unused and messy corner of the play space was given a facelift and new life with the installation of a small timber retaining wall, new softfall mulch, veggie planters and a compost bin.

The children love the opportunity to dig and plant new seedlings, while learning about the care of plants and productive gardens. The Pre-School’s waste policy is enhance with the opportunity to dispose of compostable waste and children love the spinning compost bin!

On a limited budget, Davidson Design Studio was able to design, supply and install these elements, along with re-using safety fence panels to secure the water meter and irrigation controls.

With brand new softfall mulch spread to the playground, and new sand to the sandpit, the Black Rock Pre-School playspace had a new lease of life!