Is your garden Christmas ready?

Well it is almost Christmas and you have just realised that in three short days the family will be descending on your place.

Nothing says Australian Christmas quite like entertaining outdoors, however with the busy lead up to the festive season, you might be thinking that your garden is not up to the task.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot to get your garden Christmas ready.  While a total overhaul is out of the question, there is still a good weekend of gardening available before the big day!

So what can you do to cost effectively and efficiently spruce up your outdoor spaces?

Mow, mow, mow – A freshly mown lawn looks great, so give your lawn an early gift and give it a mow. Don’t forget to trim those edges too.  But make sure not to go too short (it is Summer after all).

Top up those beds – You might not have the time to buy new plants, but a few bags of mulch (or a trailer load) will work wonders. New mulch always freshens the look of a garden, no matter how sparse the plants!

Straighten and tighten – Any sagging or broken tree stakes should be replaced or straightened up. Tie new plant ties and get those smaller trees standing proud!

Pots of colour – Achieve instant and cost effective results with some select potted plants around your terrace or deck. Citrus look great as small potted trees and cactus pots provide interest and contrasting foliage.

Sweep up – Get the broom out and sweep your paths and terraces. Make sure you give outside your front gate a sweep too.  It makes a huge difference and creates a good first impression for visitors to your garden.

Decorate – You can always brighten your outdoor spaces with other elements such as benches, deck chairs or even bean bags. Cushions and a table cloth add colour and are all part of your inviting outdoor room. Then for a real garden party, why not use your wheelbarrow as an ice bucket? It definitely makes tipping the water out easy at the end of the day (on your garden of course).

Then just as you get your broom back in the shed, your guests arrive, the drinks are poured, the barbie cranks up, you eat too much and you’re done for another year.

But your garden looked great and your guests had a good time, and it didn’t cost you a fortune.

Merry Christmas!



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