Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre was built and open to the public in 1997.

After 20 years, the original landscape of native trees, shrubs and grasses were in need of rejuvenation and additional facilities were required for the use of visitors to this multi-purpose venue.

Davidson Design Studio was engaged by the State Sport Centres Trust to design a decking space for flexible use, new facilities for bicycle riders and improved garden spaces to the entry of the indoor sport stadium.

A palette of mass planted and hardy native grasses was selected to provide a vegetation break between the pedestrian space and roadway.  These species also allow views across the garden beds to increase safety around the car park.  Feature planting of Pygmy Date Palms provide interest and variety in foliage

Small native trees create a backdrop to the new planting and complement the existing Iron Bark Eucalypts that line the road.

Two native Tristaniopsis are located within the decking space with the capability to grow and provide future canopy to this functional area.