Plant of the Week – Phoenix Roebelenii

Of course your garden shouldn’t just be about the weeds and the hard work.  What about the plants we love and those that bring joy and wonder to your outdoor spaces?

To balance those nasties, Davidson Design Studio shares with you our plant favorites and those that provide excellent solutions for your garden.

Plant of the Week – Phoenix Roebelenii

Author: Amy Davidson

Originating from south east Asia, the Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) is a small, slow growing palm that eventually reaches 2-3 metres tall.

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Valued for it’s fine, arching dark green fronds emanating from a short, stout trunk, the palm complements many landscape styles and can even be grown indoors.  Date Palms prefer to be kept moist during the growing season and drier in the winter months and good drainage is essential for optimal growth.


This palm is not self-cleaning and will require a little love from the secateurs every few months.  Flowers are cream in colour, grown on an inflorescence (a special branch that carries a great number of tiny flowers) and followed by small edible fruit.

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