Product of the Week – 3D Visualisations

This week we are getting behind the technology of landscape architecture and how it helps us in the design and presentation of our work.

Product of the Week – 3D Visualisation

Author: Amy and Jason Davidson

The majority of our ideas are created with pen and paper before being translated into drafting software.

We think and design in our heads in 3D before drawing our ideas in 2D and refining them.  Occasionally a site requires something different to assist in communicating our idea.

Sloping sites are a perfect example where 3D visualisations can better convey our vision.  Tricky levels and gradients can be easily seen using 3D design software and allow practical design of retaining walls and vertical features.

Once the structure of the design is applied to the model, it can then be enhanced with textures to convey materials, planting and soft landscape elements, and even solar aspect and shadows.  Creating these images and a flythrough above helped us to explain our design to the client and allowed them to enjoy the vision we had for their garden.

These visualisations can also assist in presenting designs to local Council and authorities for approvals or provide clearer direction to contractors for the overall look of a structure or space.

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