Product of the Week – Lightweight Planters

Fibreglass is plastic reinforced with glass fibre and gives a finished product incredible strength whilst remaining lightweight.


Across the country, fibreglass lightweight planters are reimagining and reviving courtyards, terraces and balconies.  Generally made from a blend of stone chips, fibreglass and a binding material, the pots are poured, cured, ground and polished to produce a uniform product.  The stone chips may be composed of marble, quartz, terracotta, granite, glass or other suitable products.


Colour options are varied and extensive.  With pot options incorporating drainage, watering systems and tree anchoring, outdoor spaces can be practicably completed as they were envisaged.


Opportunities to green our city grow every day – lightweight planters allow us to green hardscapes and impermeable spaces.

Contact Davidson Design Studio for more information on lightweight planters, the best places to source them from and any other outdoor projects.

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